Project 01.2018 lead developer

USB stick fullscreen videoplayer for DKMS

The DKMS communicates and promotes its activities among other things through lectures in companies, universities, organisations etc.

MOTOR Kommunikation produced a modular film to support the presentations. There are several chapters, each with a thematic focus and optional subchapters with more detailed information for each chapter. The screening of the film will then be embedded in the live lectures. Depending on the target group and focus of the presentation, the subchapters should be played or skipped. This required a special video navigation to allow the presenter to control which chapters should be played.

Goto the website:

By embedding the video function in live presentations at various locations, we optimised the player for offline usage and created native desktop apps for Windows and Mac with Electron.

The player “app” itself is an HTML/Javascript file, completely baked into one single index.html including all resources inlined. This build process of rendering webfonts, creating icon fonts, inlining images, rendering sass, and combine scriptsfrom npm modules is done by GulpJS.


  • Architecture.
  • Lead development.

Technology Stack:

  • GulpJS to compile all frontend resources to a single file.

  • ElectronJS for native Windows and Mac player.