Project 01.2017 - 03.2017 technical realisation

Project website for ADFC

MOTOR Digital realised the website - a project of the EU and the ADFC.

Goto the website:

Employers can find information and consulting offers how to become more bike friendly and are able to perform an online self evaluation.

Based on the ADFC policy we used a TYPO3 LTS and included a set of SEO features, a contact and order form as well as an interface to CleverReach for newsletter subscriptions.


  • Technical realisation / lead developer of the frontend and backend.
  • Integration to CleverReach and a special software tool of the ADFC.

Technology Stack:

  • TYPO3 CMS due to the ADFC policy but fitting the requirements of a classic hierachical website.

  • CleverReach as Newsletter solution

  • Ghostinspector for automated visual regression tests on deploy.