Project 10.2016 concept, design, and realisation

New website for NAK Architekten

NAK Architekten are based in Berlin and needed a new state-of-the-art website to present their work in an appropriate way. Together we created a minimalistic concept with strong focus on full screen photos of the projects they have done.

Goto the website:

For delivering high quality images we used photos with up to a size of 2500 pixels. Because these pictures have a quite big data volume, we implemented a screen size based logic which loads automatically scaled and transformed pictures from Cloudinary CDN. This makes sure, that transformation and delivery are in high quality and rocket fast. Due to the hi-res pictures we included as well a loading control feature - so that in the beginning only the first picture is loaded and then the next upcoming pictures within a carousel step by step. That prevents loading non visible images and makes the slide/swipe experience smooth.

For content management we stayed minimalistic as well and used Jekyll with GitHub pages to avoid a heavy system and reduce all server administration and hosting effort.


  • Concept
  • Design
  • Realisation

Technology Stack:

  • Isotope for nice filtering.

  • Jekyll as lightweight CMS.

  • Cloudinary as image transformation and delivery service.

  • GitHub pages for hazzle free CDN hosting.

  • Ghostinspector for automated visual regression tests.