Project 2015 requirement analysis and project management

huGO Checkout: a generic checkout solution for paid content

To supply easy to launch solutions for publishers, Sternwald decided to create the huGO checkout. The huGO checkout is a generic checkout solutions for digital content and in the first phase made to sell ePapers as one-time purchase or subscription. Launching partner was the German publisher Der Tagesspiegel with the magazine New in Berlin and other magazine products.

As technology we established a state-of-the-art API approach. So we are able to separate the frontend behavior and business logic from external backend components like payment and subscription management. And additionally the data integration to existing CRM and legacy systems is well prepared. I hope Sternwald will extend the service and establish a full features payed content solution. Good luck.


  • Requirement Analysis.
  • Project Management.
  • Architecture.

Technology Stack:

  • LoopBack Framework for a straight REST API architecture.

  • AngularJS as frontend technology.

  • Fastbill for subscriptions management.

  • huGO as ePaper solution.

  • BDD/jBehave for specification and test.

  • Intercom for crm and analysis.