Project 2002 - 2010 software development and lead development

Extensive catalogue, presentation and ordering system for LEONARDO

For the company glaskoch (known by the brands LEONARDO and Montana) form4 developed an extensive catalogue management system. Based on the catalogue data, we implemented various media such as a B2B extranet, a tool for creating and tracking offers, a mobile product presentation and ordering system and a print module for issuing printed catalogues.

The project has been in constant maintenance and further development by form4 since 1999. glaskoch would like to thank you for the long-standing cooperation!

Concrete projects:####

  • Catalog system with connection to the ERP system
  • B2B extranet with service area and B2B shop with connection to the catalogue system
  • Laptop application for the field service with ordering system and connection to the catalogue and ERP systems
  • Offer tool with connection to the catalogue system
  • Extensive presentation application for the Leonardo shopfitting concept as flash application
  • Replication application based on Jakarta ANT to synchronize data and images between the systems


  • Software development *(Frontend, PHP, Java, Flash, FOP, MDA, …)

Technology Stack:

  • Java/J2EE

  • PHP

  • Flash for rich media product experiences

  • XML

  • XSL-FO/FOP for PDF generation

  • Oracle as DB

  • ANT incl. development of custom ANT tasks

  • MDA/Code Generator (model driven architecture with andromeda)