Tech 21. Jun. 2019

What I really like to do ...

In general, I am a genaralist. Project management, business management, website creation, design of complex software - it all feels like the same thing from different perspectives.

And somehow it is. It’s about collecting, manipulating, enriching, structuring, publishing and searching content or data.

That’s what I liked about content and document management. It is necessary to automate accounting and tax processes. It is the core of useful intranets as communication platforms. It is essential for task, problem and project management. It is even important in communicating with citizens for our local council.

It is all about content and data streams, flows, processes and channels.

With today’s technologies, I can build small solutions on my own while I’m on the train. Complex and large projects, which require an entire development team, are gladly led and managed by me. Manager and Product Owner I like to advise. I like to share my point of view with visionaries.

To realize amazing web solutions - whether small or really big - and bring them to life. This is my passion.

So, what I really like to do is …

multi-source data crawling

  • rest/json apis
  • content feeds (rss, atom, …)
  • calender and event data (google calendar, ics feeds, …)
  • location data (opengeodb, google maps, openstreetmaps, wiki data, …)
  • content platforms (wiki data, wiki commons, wiki pedia, …)
  • cloud services (google docs/photos, twitter, facebook, podio, contentful,, …)

data transformation

  • format, reformat or transcode data
  • markdown and json, …
  • images and video (gulpjs, cloudinary, netlify, …)

data aggregation

  • combining data
  • analysing and categorisation of data
  • data persistence likely by nosql (mongodb, couchdb, …)
  • multi source id management and referencing
  • unified data access (graphql, loopback, …)
  • as-you-type high performance serach (elasticsearch, searchkit, algolia, …)
  • full text seach
  • geo seach
  • structured faceted search

hi-performance publishing

  • push data to different targets
  • generade hi-end jamstack websites (gatsbyjs, gulpjs, jekyll, …)
  • generate jamstack feeds and special format files
  • cdn usage and tuning (keycdn, netlify, cloudflare, …)
  • dynamic and personalised websites based on cdn distributes jamstack strategy
  • performance tuning until physical limits (deferload, lazyload, preload, responsive images, http push, cache header, …)

special frontend integrations

  • cross-domain integrations
  • javascript content loading by frontend website “widgets”
  • special solutions