Life 2. Apr. 2016

Next journalism?

In a meeting at Sternwald we asked who has a newspaper subscription - and there were only a few. The hypothesis is, that the format todays generation likes to consume, does not exist yet.

I thought about that: I like to read my local newspaper, because real local news are not available in the web in a proper format. Additionally I like to read (and listen) to some specialised blogs and podcasts like

What impressed me some years ago, was the approach of flipboard, which is doing some simple aggregation like google news/alert did but put it into a magazine style which is really good for reading at mobile devices. Today we have new and old platforms like flipboard (including serious news channels now), buzzfeed (with horrible headlines) and the story focued approach of blendle (you have to like it).

All go into the direction of a meta newspaper and all have some paid models. And both would be the kind of format, which would be able to reach young digital natives. Maybe models like flattr will find a way into this world as well.