Tech 4. Oct. 2015

Impressed by Model Driven Architecture

Well, not that commen anymore for usual web based software, but the generation of a significant amount of core code from models, e.g. data models or apis by uml, moves the priority from product quality to process quality, which ensures a higher product quality on living software systems.

In the sense of ISO9001 quality management the key to success is the process quality, which can be ensured over various unique systems and development projects.

Back in 2006 we started using MDA in software projects by creating uml models for data models (model layer) and use case structures (controller layer). With andromeda we generated Java/J2EE code, which covered around 70% of the applications code. The other 30% contained business logic, special use case controller logic and specific user interface components.

An introducxtion of this approach was published as boot: Model-Driven Architecture: Eine praxisorientierte Einf├╝hrung in die MDA.