Tech 13. Sep. 2014

Impressed by 37signals

As working remotly since 2011 y lot changed in my daily business. As well clients and specially the project culture is shifting.

In this context the philosophy of 37signals - really nice expressed in their books - impressed not only me.

“Bootstrap, reduce and focus the product.” That’s something not only matching online products but usual development work as well. “Work more efficient with interuption free alone time.” Yes, it works. Since the remote work, communication is bundled into scheduled calls and meetings only. The rest of the day is interuption free and I get done around 150% of the task I could manage before in the same time. “Work remotely to set free the creativity and productivity potential.” Yes, it does. Because there’s more freedom to think and structure the daily tasks, which reveals a lot of potential.

An it works quite fine as well on Heinemanns webshop developemnt within a complete remote team.