Tech 21. May. 2016

Jekyll as frontend development tool

I am used to enforce a strict separation of frontend and backend development in web projects. Major reason is the amount of effort which is needed for quality assurance for frontends and the risks of changing frontend details while implementing backend logic. So with this separation, projects got a quality gate for the frontend independent of the backend and process complexity.

As I am using Jekyll quite a time for my own website and some smaller client project, I learned to love the easiness while utilising strong features at the same time. The gracious combination of features like - a template engine for separating content from layout markup while use things like if, else, loops and more - include templates with parameters - scss built in - having static html at the end makes Jekyll quite an easy and strong tool.

So I started to use it for building static web frontends as prototype phase before going into cms or shop implementation.

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Tech 18. Mar. 2016

TYPO3 with Nginx using RealURL and Static File Cache

While using the Docker TYPO3 Boilerplate and moving to a hoster who likes Nginx more than Apache, I gave Nginx a try for a TYPO3 installation.

So as expected nothing really failed. The only challenge was to configure Nginx for RealURL (quite easy) and Static File Cache (a little more advanced, because the given templates are not all complete).

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Project 03.2016 Technical project management and Frontend Realisation

Splash page for

In context of cleaning up the domain usage at Bahlsen, we had to switch the existing corporate website from to the new domain Besides the relevant HTTP redirects and Google configurations we esablished a splash page at to guide users to the right website they want to access.

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Tech 26. Feb. 2016

Experiences with the Docker TYPO3 Boilerplate

A classical situation: Caused by some misconfiguration on a server a friends website got down. To solve the problem in long-term we decided to move the TYPO3 installation to a specialised and managed hosting company.

But for moving the website we had to do an update of TYPO3 as well and I had the need to setup a development environment. My former setup on my local machine was gone through several OS updates and so on. And to make it even harden, we needed two different setups - one for the old system and one for the updated TYPO3 with newer PHP and MySQL versions.

So as I am using docker anyway at othe projects, this seemed the best way - even if I was afraid to waste much time for setting up a clean docker environment.

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Tech 1. Feb. 2016

Continous integration - first steps with Distelli

It’s like a buzz word: Continous Integration.

All talk about countinous integration, high frequent releases and automated tests. But in regular business there is no one really doing it. At software and web development companies these practices are more a kind of vision than reality. For sure they are companies doing it and generate benefits for their business modell. But my guess is, that most who use a continious integration process have a digital business model and the DNA of the company supports a straight strategy. As software developer for non digital companies it’s mostly a dream nobody likes to pay for.

As I am not a patient human and my experiences told me to know it better on my own, I set myself the goal to evaluate the technologies in depth and introduce them to my future projects as technical project manager.


For an easy start I looked out for a SaaS platform for continous integration and found Distelli as one of the well known. And they are capable of using docker builds and a pipelining approach.

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Tech 22. Jan. 2016

ecommerce evolution leads to something like moltin

In several projects I could watch the evolution of ecommerce platforms in a way like that:

  • start by using a shop system like magento or shopware
  • using and extending the api
  • integrate third party apis
  • integrate rich clients and non-web fromtends like apps
  • thinking about rafactoring
  • creating an ecommerce api layer with the goal of a service architecture and finally a baas system

So, that’s what the guys at moltin realised as well - so they deliver the important essentials for ecommerce solutions: api based core funtionality and a default management backend. No one likes to have more than that.


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Life 23. Oct. 2015

The drawback of digital data

We know about hacking SIM cards in mass at least since the beginning of 2015. Now a fraud series became public where criminals simply ordered SIM cards copies at Telekom and others. Obviously mobile devices became more and more the focus on using security lacks in the communication chain.

The glory of software and digital data is the easiness of creating and distributing copies with nearly no effort - that is the drawback on security and privacy as well.

Some articles:

Tech 18. Aug. 2015

Get rid of git branches

Recently I had to hop into a existing project and tried to manage dev, test, stage and production version in git and JIRA, which is no big deal at all. Because of the longer history we had about 100 feature branches within the git, which made it a little unconvinient to ge an overview. So I tagged all historical feature branches and removed them from origin. And because of the large amout I found some command line tricks to to that as batch:

git branch -r | awk -F/ '/\/PREFIX/{print $2}' | xargs -I {} git tag archive/{} origin/{}
git branch -r | awk -F/ '/\/PREFIX/{print $2}' | xargs -I {} git push origin :{}
git fetch -p

Tech 14. Aug. 2015

No smooth scrolling with overflow-x:hidden

A while ago I noticed that in most case you need a overflow-x:hidden on body to avoid a ugly horizontal scrolling of some pixels at smartphones. See as well my post Overflow-x makes scrolling choppy at mobile for some effects using it wrong.

Now I was hit back by the fact, that a smooth scrolling by jQuery scrollTo is not possible while overflow-x:hidden is set.

At the web I found some suggestions like: “But this bug occurs only if the html and the body have the overflow-x, so you can just remove theoverflow-x for the html and it’s okay for you I think.”. But in fact, I was not able to get it running.

Tech 12. Aug. 2015

Icons in email subjects

From time to time I receive some emails with nice icons in the subject and I was curious about how they are doing it. Maybe I am the last at the web to found out, but now I did.

It’s done by so called emoji icons which are included in the UTF-8 character set.

At Wikipedia is a list of miscellaneous symbols and at I found a good “cheat sheet”. On usage and compatibility I suggest as well the article of René from Optivo in Berlin.

Post 21. Jul. 2015

Pay by social share

That’s a great idea for free digital products: don’t give your stuff away for nothing, but ask for a social sharing action. Axure is doing that on their library market place.

Tech 16. Jul. 2015

Replace boot2docker with Kitematic (if on Mac)

Recently we had a lot of trouble getting our docker setup running on local developer machines. We had problems like non working volume mounts, self shutting down mysql containers and missing permissions on folders with almost every permission set.

And that was definetly not the goal of using docker.

As it turned out the problems come from the vm of boot2docker. boot2docker is using auto mounted shares on the local mac file system, which is in genaral a nice idea. But at this point the system user ids start to mix up and usual file system permissions do not work properly in all cases.

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Tech 15. Jul. 2015

Show hidden files in Mac Finder

Category dev clipboard: Enter “defaults write AppleShowAllFiles 1“ on mac terminal to set Finder to show hidden files by default.

Now I can work much easier in my git repos and .docker folders.

Project 05.2015 - 10.2015 Technical Project Management and Technical Specification

Webshop fulfillment integration for the NZZ Shop

In context of launching a new ecommerce platform for all webshops of a leading swiss publisher, I did the technical specification, coordination and quality assurance of the webshop fulfillment integration.

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Tech 8. Jun. 2015

Port Forwarding to use a local docker with public address

Sounds easy and afterwards it seems easy.

The required setting: For development on an existing platform we use docker with several containers for database, application, search and so on. Here the local setup by docker is quite easy an well prepared by some scripts for define local properties and replacements. But due so a integration to external systems, the virtual docker environment has to be accessible by a public address even for local development.

So I needed a sequence of port forwardings.

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Tech 14. Apr. 2015

Overflow-x makes scrolling choppy at mobile

I don’t know exactly why but at mobile devices often the content width is larger than the screen width which leads to a ugly horizontal scrollig. This is easy to fix by adding a

overflow-x: hidden;

to a wrapper.

I tried to add it to html and body - the curious ting is, that leads to a choppy scrolling at mobile devices. Setting to only one wrapper - I did it on body - everything is fine.

body {
	overflow-x: hidden;

By the way: For -webkit-overflow-scrolling: touch; I could see no effect.

See more here as well:

Tech 13. Apr. 2015

Fasten CSS Transitions on mobile devices

It’s common to have some performance issues with animations on mobile devices. But on modern devices sometimes the promlems seem to be too heavy. Now I found a reason. “Webkit doesn’t involve the GPU unless you’re doing 3D transforms”.

So just force the browser to initialize GPU by CSS:

-webkit-transform: translateZ(0);


Thanks a lot.

Project 10.2014 - 02.2015 IT Consulting, Project Management, and Requirement Analysis

Heinemann webshop at Sydney Airport

For Heinemann Asia Pacific I did the project management and requirement analysis to rollout the global Heinemann webshop solution with country specific customising as the new Heinemann tax and duty free webshop at Sydney airport.

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Post 14. Jan. 2015

Verschiebung bei Statusbewertungen - in Projekten und überall

Im Kontext des Projektmanagements bzw. der Diskussionen über die Verbesserung von Projektmanagementprozessen und der damit verbundenen Kundenkommunikation, stellt sich immer die Frage wie man den Projektstatus möglichst einfach aber dennoch korrekt aggregiert ermittelt und darstellt. Am Ende steht zumeist ein Ampelsystem, welches mehr oder minder gut mit Daten belegt ist:

  • grün: der Status entspricht der Planung
  • gelb: der Status liegt leicht hinter der Planung
  • rot: der Status ist kritisch und die Projektziele sind gefährdet

Das grundsätzliche Problem bei diesem Ansatz ist, dass es eine ausschließliche Negativskala ist. Damit wird allerdings der Realität zum einen nicht entsprochen und zum anderen das Bild des Status und damit auch die Erwartungshaltung der Beteiligten verzerrt.

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Tech 6. Jan. 2015

E-Mail Sicherheit

Spannend, wie Unternehmen den Prozess zur Absicherung Ihrer Netzwerke gestalten. Es wirkt recht umständlich aber immerhin konsequent. In der Signatur der “normalen” E-Mails wird explizit gebeten, Daten nicht unverschlüsselt zu versenden. Nun habe ich verschlüsselte Anhänge versendet - da ich keinen Public Key des Empfängers habe - und es gibt dann, sicher aufgrund von anderen Sicherheitsaspekten wie Virenschutz usw., eine manuelle technische Prüfung des Anhangs.


Life 8. Dec. 2014

Termin über verschiedene Zeitzonen

Wow. Im Google Kalender kann man einen Termin mit unterschiedlichen Zeitzonen für den Beginn und das Ende einstellen.

So kann ich dann tatsächlich meinen Flug korrekt im Kalender eingeben und alle Kollegen wissen wann ich nicht erreichbar bin.

Tech 25. Nov. 2014

Google Calendar API v3 angebunden

Letzte Woche stellte Google nun endgültig den Betrieb der “alten” Data APIs ein. Somit musste für 88vier auf die schnelle die neue Google Calendar API v3 angebunden werden.

Glücklicherweise hatte ich damals bereits eine abstrakte Model Klasse in der TYPO3 Extension vorgesehen, sodass tatsächlich “nur” die API-Requests umgestellt werden mussten.

Life 4. Nov. 2014

Irgendwie versuche ich Jekyll und Liquid so hinzubiegen, dass es das macht was ich will. Und dabei auch Facebook Posts per Zapier importiert. auf facebook lesen